Windows 7 Mouse Freezes Intermittently

  • hd42

    I am running Win 7 64 Professional with an Core i7-3770s an 16GB RAM on Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H motherboard. My Logitech M515 mouse (as well as an older mouse I tried to make sure) freezes for several seconds from time to time. I have tried without success

    • updating drivers
    • switching to different USB ports
    • disabling USB and RAID controllers
    • setting energy settings to high performance
    • uninstalling old device drivers no longer used

    On another forum someone suggested running DPD latency checker, which showed that every ~2-3 seconds something kicks the latency up to > 4000µs, but I haven't figured out what program is responsible for that - disabling all but the most essential device drivers had no effect.

    Has anyone here had this problem and solved it?

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  • Rick

    Please refer here for a solution to this problem.

  • pepsi

    I was experiencing this as well, until finally the cursor stopped moving altogether. That helped me find the actual problem--there was a curly piece of lint obstructing the optical sensor. I guess the lint was shifting around as the mouse moved and occasionally blocked the sensor.

    This has happened to me twice in the last couple of years, so it'll be interesting to see if this helps solve anyone else's problem.

  • Amadeu

    I was experiencing occasional freezes and I think that was a problem with RAM. I don't really know what kind of magic Windows used, but it seemed to quietly recover from each stall after a few seconds without telling me anything.

    Hit Start and run Windows Memory Diagnostics, after the computer restarts switch test to extended (that's the one that found errors) and let it run not 2 but 4 or so iterations. After I narrowed the problem to particular sticks, I have removed that pair and the problem went away with remaining sticks.

    I'm using Logitech m570 and I'm actually curious if RAM was not the issue.

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    What do I do when Windows XP freezes except for the mouse?
  • Jim Fell

    I'm running a machine with Windows XP Professional 64-bit. Every so often, it will freeze for no apparent reason. That is, everything stops responding, except the mouse. I can move the mouse around, but I can't click on anything. Keyboard input is also not accepted/received when this problem occurs.

    The three-finger salute fails to bring up the Task Manager. Even pressing the power button on my computer fails to shut it down. The only way out of this that I have found is to hard-reboot the machine (i.e. pull power or hold power button in for 10 seconds).

    This problem was occurring on the system when it had all its updates and after a fresh install when not everthing was quite yet updated. I've run the Scandisk utility and the latest version Memtest86 that supports 64-bit architecture; neither found any errors.

    The last time this happened was on a fresh install of Windows. Only Nero Essentials, Avast antivirus (disabled), Firefox, and Spybot were installed. I was not running Nero, Firefox, or Spybot at the time, and Avast was disabled, so I'm pretty certain this is a Windows issue.

    Is anybody familiar with this problem or have any pointers?

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  • Tom Wijsman

    This was answered in How do I reassign conflicting IRQs? which mentions Managing Devices.

  • Mike K

    I agree with Martin, check for the logs and see whats up. There could be some sort of bottleneck going on. Setup the performance logs and see whats up.

  • Area 51

    As we've all seen (every time we insert a CD or DVD) - in Windows the disc diver locks out the GUI. The three times I've seen this symptom, its been because the hard drive was retrying failing sectors. My suggestion is boot to safe mode command prompt and run a non-destructive full disc all-sector scan using the utility your drive's manufacturer offers for download. A modern drive will re-map the defective sectors to spare sectors set aside for this purpose if possible, and if not possible the utility will tell you. Next run chkdsk using chkdsk /r to left chkdsk take a full pass over the entire hard drive to check for and map out at the file system level any remaining bad sectors not mapped out by the drive firmware. Finally, run chkdsk again using chkdsk /f to fix the file system. (If you have multiple drives test all of them at each step). If that doesn't solve the problem, check for corrupt drivers using sfc /scannow. You may need to use your installation disc to replace any corrupt files found.