Windows 7 - WebDav - Disable “These files might be harmful to your computer” warning

  • MT1

    I am connecting Windows 7 clients to a file server via WebDAV. Clients can successfully map the drive, browse, and access files.

    However, whenever a file is copied from the mapped drive to the local computer, Windows pops up the "These files might be harmful to your computer" warning dialog.

    I have already added the server address (I tried both fqdn and ip address) to Local Intranet as discussed here

    Disable "These files might be harmful to your computer" warning?

    and set the security level for Local Intranet to LOW, but the warning still happens.

    What else do I need to do to get rid of it?

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  • Joshua Parnell

    is it mapped as a drive letter or network location? If it's a drive letter, this might work:

    Run this as an Administrator from the command prompt and it will fix you issue without compromising your internet security.

    ICACLS "X:\Path\To\Mapped\WebDAV" /Setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)M
    Keep The quotes if spaces are in the path.

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    I'm looking for a good editor for windows with built-in WebDAV support. I'm aware of Netdrive, Webdrive and Windows' built-in WebDAV client, but these don't work as well, because they need to emulate a true filesystem.

    Has anyone came across this? I'm used to Coda on OS/X, so I'm hoping for something similar.

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  • rick

    Similar discussion on stackoverflow. However, I don't think they came up with an answer you are looking for.

  • Ondra Žižka

    jEdit had (has?) a WebDAV plugin, but it's site has become a spamsite ( and the current state is unknown to me.