Windows 8.1 download failure

  • Mr. Zurg

    I have been trying to download the Windows 8.1 Pro Preview since it came out last Wednesday (the 26th), but I've been having several issues.

    First and most importantly, no matter how long I leave the download running it never goes past 44%. I have a slow internet connection so I expect large things like that to take a while, but after leaving it for 8 hours it was at 44%. Leaving it overnight did not help and it was still at 44% when I woke up. The Windows store still reports that the update is "Downloading" but not progress is ever made. If I try to pause, then resume the download it starts over from zero.

    Second, if the Windows Store lost focus for any reason, the download would switch to "Pending" and never resume downloading. This would happen even if my computer went to sleep, so I started changing the power settings when I was attempting to get the update.

    The only solution I can think of is that the update is sitting somewhere on my computer 44% complete and interfering with any attempts to retry the download. That's for my first problem at least. I just assume that the Windows Store being poorly written is the cause of the second problem, though I could more than likely be wrong.

    Has anyone run into similar problems, and if so how did you fix them?

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  • magicandre1981

    Download the ISO from MS page:

    mount the ISO, run the setup.exe and select "upgrade".

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    Windows 8 Microsoft Account and Microsoft Store doesn't allow login
  • Prabhpreet

    The problem is that I have to go through proxy here in college to make my internet work.

    When I signed with my live id to switch to the Microsoft account in Windows 8, it recognized and validate my security questions but says it cannot connect to Microsoft Services. All other apps like mail, messenger, etc. work except for the Windows Store. The windows store what apps are available but when installed, queues it up for a pending download.

    Is there a way to modify my proxy settings so that I can access both these features?

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  • Graham Wager

    Modern UI apps seem to have some trouble with proxys going back some time as you can see on a TechNet thread here.

    That thread is huge, but the basic steps to try to fix this issue involve importing proxy settings from Internet Explorer to WinHTTP via netsh or a local machine or group policy change. The steps for this can be found here instead.

  • James Hill

    Since Windows 8 was just released today, the issue you are describing could be a result of congestion on Microsoft's servers.

    Based on the description of your issue, it sounds like the store app does indeed work, but the apps are not yet downloading/updating.

    I suggest giving it some time, and possibly a reboot, and see what happens.