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  • Campl3r

    I have installed Windows 8.1 Pro from MSDN. I would like to Change my Display language from german to english. In the menu, there is written "no additonal languages are avaible". Is there a way to install it manually?


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  • magicandre1981

    You must download the ISO with the MUI packs from MSDN


    , mount the ISO and copy the MUI you want to install to the HDD. Now rename the CAB to lp.mlc and make a double click on the file to run setup.

  • Chaos

    As far as i know you can get additional languages by going to windows update and checking the optional updates the language packs should be there

  • Kevin Panko
    1. You can go to Control Panel.

    2. Then click on View by : Category on the right upper corner.

    3. Then, Under the category Clock, Language and Region, click on add a language link.

    4. If you see the language you want in the list, go on step 9.

    5. If you don't see the language you want in the list, click on add a language button

    6. Then, click on the language you want, then on the bottom button Open.

    7. Then click on the language with locale you want. Then click on Add.

    8. Then, you're back on the first screen of add a language

    9. Click on the link option on the right of your language

    10. Then click on the first link, which should be "Download and Install language pack" or "set as primary language".

    11. On next login, Windows will be in the language you want.

  • Jacob

    Try this solution:, its working on my Windows 8.1 pro. I hope it'll work for you too.

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  • Pleerock

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    Is it possible to have several languages in Windows 8?

    I want to buy a laptop with Windows 8 Pro.

    Can I then install another language in this edition of Windows?

    And if yes, can you please provide additional information about how to change language?

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  • Mikhail

    Yes you can! This represents a change from Windows 7.

    You can change the language by

    1. From the charm search bar search language and choose Settings
    2. In the Language Control Panel, tap or click Add a language
    3. To make it a display language move the panel to the top of the list. For example, move the spanish panel on top of the English panel.

    See the official kb.

    enter image description here

    --edit-- Wikipedia says these features should be available in all versions; with the exception of exotic Chinese only versions.