Windows 8 Metro apps open into a blank screen

  • Jason Christa

    About one quarter of my Metro apps show the loading screen and then load up a blank dark-blue screen. I cannot click on anything and the right-side menu shows but the menu items do not work. Apps like Google Search, Hulu Plus, and OneNote are doing this. I have already tried uninstalling then reinstalling to no avail. Any ideas?

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  • magicandre1981

    Please run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter:

    and look if it can detect and fix issues.

    Here are also some information on how to fix issues with apps:

    What to do if you have problems with an app

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    How to setup a proxy for Modern UI (aka Metro) Apps in Windows 8?
  • Drake

    I have installed Windows 8 on a PC behind a proxy. I had setup the proxy in Internet options and IE works well, but Modern UI (aka Metro) apps instead seem to not be able to exit. Is there any workaround?

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  • Drake

    I searched for a solution all around internet and I finally find a way how to do it:

    Open command prompt as admin and write:

    import proxy source=ie

    Now the Microsoft Store works, some other services like Music not, but that is a problem of regional filtering (I am located in Italy).

    Hope it helps, unfortunately I do not remember the source of this script.

    Side note: I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and it seems they have fixed the proxy glitch. Now it is sufficient to change the global proxy settings (Internet Properties) and Metro apps use that settings accordingly.

  • pratnala

    I had the same problem in our university where we are behind a squid proxy with basic authentication. To solve this problem with Modern UI apps, I installed CC Proxy. Configure CC Proxy to a cascading set up. Then, you need to put your IP address with port 808 in internet options and run the netsh command. You also need to enable loopback for the Modern Apps to be able to use a local proxy server as they by default cannot route network traffic to a local proxy server.

    This should work for most configurations.

  • slhck

    I have listed a suggestion from Andrew Willows (MSFT) as a possible solution.

    1. Open "Local Group Policy Editor"
    2. Navigate to "Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Network Isolation"
    3. Open "Internet Proxy Servers for Metro Style Apps" and set the value to your proxy server address like

    We shouldn't need to amend other settings in here for now.

    I would encourage a restart here, although this shouldn't be necessary but during testing it may help clear down any cached data that could interfere. If you still have issues with proxy settings, please post in TechNet ITPRO forum.

  • Deepesh

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