Windows 8 Software Updates keeps failing

  • Markaway

    Built a computer and anytime I try to do a single or all updates for Windows Updates, it fails. I try it again, it fails. I'm starting to give up!

    My computer is

     Windows 8 Professional, 64bit
     Antec 850 watts PSU
     ASUS Sabertooth Z77
     Intel Core i7-3770k
     Crucial 2x8GB Ballistix Elite
     2 Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB RAID 1
     4 Western Digital 2TB RAID 10
     ASUS AMD Radeon 7870 V2 Graphics Card
     ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound Card

    Latest Bios version for motherboard. I'm able to get the drivers installed. Internet connectivity is fine. Memtest is fine.

    I'm back on Windows 7 for now, but even that sometimes gives me problems. Example, install the Asmedia USB 3.0 driver, and hangs the computer. Had to reboot and try again.

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  • magicandre1981

    do a clean boot (disable all 3rd party tools/services) and try to install the updates again. This fixes it. The 3rd party service nlsX86cc (Nalpeiron Licensing Service) is known to causes issues with the update KB2770917.

  • Indrek

    I had a similar problem. Mine was caused by corrupt files as revealed by sfc /scannow.

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  • Jeff Burka

    The last two times Windows 8 has tried to update, the update failed and it reverted the changes. Is there any kind of log I can check to see why it's failing, or at least see what updates it's trying to apply? I'm running it on a new laptop with not much on it so I can't think of much that could be going wrong.

    I'm running 64-bit Windows 8 on a Lenovo Ideapad Y580. I can provide more technical details if that would help.

    Update: Error 80071A90; looks like my antivirus was locking some files the update was trying to modify, or something. Disabling the antivirus does the trick, if anyone has this problem.

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  • nixda

    Look if your Windows Event Viewer has some relevant data.

    • press Win+R, type in eventvwr.msc and hit enter
    • browse to Event Viewer (local) → Windows logs → System
    • Sort the column source ascending and scroll down until you find a source called WindowsUpdateClient

    Alternatively you can create a custom view which only shows WindowsUpdateClient errors and warnings.

    • select create custom view in the right pane
    • check all event levels (critical, warning, error, information and verbose)
    • select by source and choose WindowsUpdateClient and click OK

    You can save all selected error logs and upload it (e.g. on for showing others.

    enter image description here

    Note: Please have also a look at all errors and warnings under Windows logs → System since your last Windows Update attempt.

  • user 99572 is fine

    In addition to using the event viewer you can use the Update history in your Control Panel (under Update).

    There you will see a list of Update attempts and their status. One of them is "failed". If it is failed, you right click the update and select "Show Status" (possibly "Display status" - I'm on a German Windows 8, so I have to guess).

    Then you either follow the link provided in the view relating to your error code or you google for an answer. This will give you info on why the update failed.

    I've solved each and every one of my Update issues with Windows 8 this way.