start screen - Windows 8 Tile Color

  • user150951

    With Windows 8.1, the start screen tiles for desktop apps seem to have all sorts of colors. It seems to be based on the color of the icon or something. Anyways, this makes the screen look messy.

    With Windows 8.0 the start screen tile color was uniformly determined by the accent color you chose. Is there any way to return to this configuration?

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  • LosManos

    Sometimes I want the same Tile in two groups in the Windows 8 start screen. Is it doable?

    I guess I can make an extra shortcut pointing to the same program and pin it to the start screen. It seems a bit clumsy to me so I wonder if there is a better way.

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  • Tanis.7x

    It does not look as though there is a way to clone a Tile.

    As you pointed out, you create a second shortcut to the same app for application shortcut Tiles.

    For Live Tiles, you don't have any options at this point.