Wireless internet router keeps dropping out

  • codemonkey

    I've got a problem with my wireless router at home. It is a BT ADSL line (8mbit) (though we usually get 5mbit). We're using a Belkin N wireless modem router

    There are at any one time between 1 and 6 devices for example:

    2 x iphone 4 2 x PC 1 x XBOX 360 1 x laptop

    Typical usage ranges from simple web page browsing to online gaming and HD movie streaming. The router usually drops out after 30 mins - 1 hour. Sometimes the internet will stop for a certain device and the others will be o.k or all will drop internet and we'll have to restart the wireless router to gain connection again.

    We had a wireless router before this one and the same would happen. Although the range on that one was not as a good as we thought it was, we thought it was probably that so we decided to get a better one in hope that it would solve the issues. I don't think the range is the issue here though as the devices are all within about 20 meters of the router.

    We have contacted BT and there are no faults on the line so we are thinking it must be the wireless router.

    WPA2 (64-bit key) encryption has been setup and I have tried various settings on the router. It has always been set to using band B, G and N. I have tried setting it to just G but with no luck. I have also tried changing the channel around from 11 to 13 but also no luck. The channel mode has also been set to 20/40MHz which is apparently a recommendation. We are also running a firewall built into the wireless router and are also running the latest firmware.

    It might also be worth noting that connecting to the wireless router via network cable does not have any problems with dropping out.

    It seems I am not the only person to suffer with this problem as I've come across a few posts on the internet from people with the same problems. I have been reading this article http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2399897,00.asp and apparently a dual band wireless router helps with crowding and also enabling WMM is meant to help with streaming multi-media. These features are not included in my router.

    So I guess I have a few questions here: Is my wireless router recommended for the type of use that i'm currently using it for. Ie web browsing, video streaming, gaming etc.

    Should I be using a better make/model such as CISCO? Would features like dual-band and WMM make a difference?

    Does anyone have any recommendations to solve this problem? Maybe it's something else other that the wireless router?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • codemonkey

    I have solved this problem by going to the routers control panel, going to the channel SSID menu item and turning protection mode on and also WMM.

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  • Anthony Trilussa Pizzo

    I have a New Dell Studio XPS latop that I hooked up in early January of 2010.

    The Dell Studio XPS laptop is connected to my wireless router (Belkin Wireless N). The router was purchased in Februaru of 2010 because I thought my router was bad (A D-Link router). Comcast is my ISP.

    Everyday, at random times, the internet will have a good signal (according to the little Win 7 icon on the taskbar) but I will receive a message saying limited or no internet access and I cannot access the internet.

    I have the internet setup to automatically get an IP and I did the IPCONFIG release / renew but with no success.

    I even had a WiFi enabled Blackberry right next to my computer and whenever the computer loses an WiFi connection, so does the Blackberry.

    The router isnt't bad, because the old router did the same thing - giving me limited or no internet access while working sometimes.

    I also tried using two other laptops in same physical position as my Dell Studio XPS laptop and they have the same problem.

    I am going crazy trying to figure this out as I have called the Router Company (Belkin), my ISP (Comcast), and my computer maker (Dell).

    Can anyone offer some suggestions and I can try them as we work through this and maybe one of the suggestion will be right one.

    Thanks in advance for even reading my problem. I searched for a problem similar to mine on the internet, but I have not been able to keep a steady internet connection.

    (Side note - I used to have an IBM thinkpad laptop and D - Link router and for years that wireless connection worked FLAWLESSLY, with the same physical set up - the laptop in my bedroom, and the router in the basement.)

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  • Joe Taylor

    I had a Dell 830 that had awful probelms with our wireless router, netgear, I had to statically allocate the IP address to get round the issue. (this is probably unrelated to the problem, it just still irritates me to this day)

    Are there other wireless signals in the area, perhaps changing the channel will help. On the router you will be able to see, and change, which channel it uses.

  • 8088

    Firstly, let's rule out the router/wireless as the problem.

    1. Click Start
    2. Type cmd and press Enter
    3. Type ping -t and press Enter (replace this IP address with your default gateway if this is incorrect)
    4. Minimize the command prompt and leave it running.

    When you see the limited connectivity icon displayed in the system tray, immediately restore the command prompt running the ping. Note any lines that look out of the ordinary, i.e. not replying to the pings.

    alt text

    If you see 'timed out' or 'general failure' errors, we can safely determine that the problem is your router (as all devices are affected, not just your computer). Given the fact that you have historically had the same problems with different routers, I find it unlikely that this router is also playing up.

    Otherwise (as I suspect), the problem is with your internet connection. You would really need to go back to Comcast technical support and advise them that you have tested pings to the router and they remain fine during the internet dropouts.