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  • flxkid

    I have a multipage TIFF file I need to use in Word 2007. Problem is I can only figure out how to insert the first page the multipage TIFF file. Does Word have the ability to let me select which page of the mulipage tiff I want to insert or do I have to break the TIFF file up (which would be a pain)?

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  • flxkid

    I don't know if Word can do it, but Irfanview has an option to extract multiple pages from a multipage tiff. I just used that to break up the whole document into its individual pages and went from there.

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  • Questioner

    I thought Adobe Photoshop could do everything, but apparently it cannot read multipage TIFF files.

    I have a TIFF file with four pages, and I need to edit one of the pages. Windows Picture Viewer can print all four pages, but cannot split them. Anyone know how I can split the original TIFF into four separate images suitable for editing?

    The Google search for "free tiff splitter windows" returns lots of suspicious looking downloads.

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  • Seasoned Advice (cooking)

    The King of image transformation software is Image Magick. You can use this to do most image translations / conversions, and it's a respected (and therefore as safe) as these things can be.

    It's a command line tool, but more powerful for that. At a command prompt, simply type ...

    convert multipage.tif single%d.tif

    to create multiple tif files.